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TeamSpeak - Permban


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As you guys know, 2 days ago, we broke rules and it turned on to get us permbanned from TS3 and kicked from UU. I clearly see what I have done wrong as the rules I have broke are "  Your TeamSpeak name need to be the same name you have on the website and on our servers. " , "Common sense applies to members." and "Don't take influence from other members. Don't give bad influence to other members". I strongly regret breaking these rules because doing what I did under the circumstances at the moment, may have been over the line. I was clearly not using common sence because when I think about it now, its obvious that it would get me a ban and I feel stupid for doing it. As well as this, I should definitely have not took influence from another member as this is what drove me to do it, of course ill take the blame for what I have done but I should not have broke this rule and feel bad for this as well as this is what got me here in the first place. I am sorry for what I have done and I know it Is wrong now, I should have thought before I done it. Sorry.

   I hope to make this right soon.


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