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I leave Zombie Annihilation.


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Hi guys. I hope you will spend a few minutes to read it.

I know all of you for almost 3 years. You have become my second family. I will be sad without you. But I hope that I will return. 10\31\2013 I found the undead uprising. Thanks to you, I have found many new friends. I will be bad without you guys.

Why did I leave?

The servers are fewer people. No fun to play with bots. Too many people forget about the rules. Most ignore them. You're a few people with whom you can talk about anything other than sex, asses and boobs :( I'm sorry. Maybe I is not perfect. I do not care about the opinion of those who hate me. I just want to say goodbye to your friends that we spent much time on the servers. I want to say goodbye to those with whom I was really interesting and fun to play. 
Proselyx :) Man. You really good friend ) Thanks you for all
Fade :tounge_xd: Fuck you. Funny boy :lol: 
Garty :love: Crazy. But you good.:pensive: (Shh) its joke :D 

Jesse :smirk: I want say it on cats language. Meow meow, meow. Meow meow meeow meow. :'(
I would be difficult to say something about each of us.
I will never forget the days that I spent with you :'(
                              GOOD LUCK, GUYS. Hopefully I see you again!
Meow says goodbye to you.

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@Sây Meôw <3

The servers may be empty now but just wait until summer vacation comes. Many people will be playing the mod. Playing with bots may seem boring to you but there's many things you can do with just bots. First off, you can train on the bots. What I mean is, you can knife the bots to try to get better at knifing, you can snipe the bots to try to get better at sniping, you can shoot the bots to improve your accuracy. Second of all, you can build whatever you want while playing against bots. There's many other things you can do with bots but I can't really think of any other examples. I've played with many people and most of them know about our rules. If they don't know the rules, someone can help them out by telling them to type !rules in-game, or to come to the website to check out all the rules they need to know (follow).

I would have been really happy if you actually became a UU member. I guess not. You did the best you could and that's what matters.

Goodbye for now.

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1 hour ago, Fade said:

Ye some ppl cant play zam right now, because they are busy, somebody in school, somebody working. Just wait untill summer VACATIONS, like said viirus.

I can not play in the summer. I have to visit my grandma. She needs help with home repairs. :(


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