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How to FR*skoll


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i cri evrytiem :cookie:


19.10 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: what significate ddos ?
19.11 - uvenus: Do Dick Or Salt
19.11 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: is not really ^^
19.12 - uvenus: is it really ^^
19.12 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: why classixz say this to me ?
19.12 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: is an insult in england ?
19.13 - uvenus: Distributed Denial of Service
19.13 - uvenus: Ya could google it aswell
19.14 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: okok thank you
19.14 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: but why classixz said this ?
19.15 - uvenus: Well, go fucking ask him?
19.16 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: no the time
19.16 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: your know or no?
19.16 - uvenus: What fucking time? And what I am supposed to fucking know?
19.18 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: shutttt
19.19 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: no i want know on the website why he say this
19.19 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i know to you love me but stop to spam me
19.20 - uvenus: Ya mean this? "@*FR*skoll When the idiot that ddos ZAM stops."
19.20 - uvenus: Love you? wat de fucking wat
19.20 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: it was a joke
19.20 - uvenus: I am about to do allaha akbars
19.20 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i know to you hate me^^
19.21 - uvenus: Indeed
19.23 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: why
19.23 - uvenus: Why what?
19.23 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i am beautiful and more
19.23 - uvenus: That is a negative sir.
19.24 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: you don't like ?
19.24 - uvenus: Hell nah.
19.26 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: give me reason , i want know what i can change for you like me
19.28 - uvenus: Dude, there is absofuckinglutely nothing that you could do
19.28 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: okok ^^'
19.29 - uvenus: Yeah
19.29 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: pffff
19.29 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: the life is bad
19.31 - uvenus: Well it might be bad for you, so maybe you should go to school?
19.31 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: why
19.31 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: hollidays
19.33 - uvenus: So?
19.33 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i can't go to school.. my god not really intelligent
19.34 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: joke man
19.35 - uvenus: Go to summer school mate
19.37 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: i can't and why
19.38 - uvenus: Ya could go learn some English there dude
19.40 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: yeah if i can i do this but is complicate
19.41 - uvenus: You can do it, Just Do It! Don't let your dreams be dreams! Just Do It!
19.42 - [U-K]-FR*skoll: and you will stop to instult me ^^?
19.43 - uvenus: When have I insulted you?
19.51 - uvenus: :(


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27 minutes ago, ShameOnYou said:

Don't you learn english in france? i mean we learn it in belgium, But I we also have to learn french, i have no fucking clue why but yeah rofl

yeah we learn the english in france.. in all all the world english is taught


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