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Roll the Dice.... again... ffs


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Write down everything you have to say about it, I have changed quite a few things already, and a lot more comming.

Quick how RTD works:

Good: 50%

(everything good in here)


Bad: 50%

(everything bad in here)

so first there is a 50/50 chance between good or bad, if it gets bad there will be like a 5% chance of for example All your points have been removed.

So also write down a % u'd like. But just need ideas, all of them are spread out, just write all down here, I'll look at 'em tomorrow morning. bb good night

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Don't know if it still is but when you get the little pistol from roll the dice it gives it to everyone and I don't think that's fair, but then again if you get an sr71 everyone gets it. 

Also can there be attack dogs in there? 5%

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if Arlington = free (and full) jetpack fuel refill, or it all gets drained

if CIA = cadestreaks reset (you start from scratch and you can gain them all over again), or they change to the standard player cadestreaks

if Misty = knife animation is 50% quicker, or all knives receive a small chance of dealing no damage upon hitting a zombie

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