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I know we usually dont have a server that has +10 players, but we should really change the scorelimit, with this scorelimit the game takes like 5 minutes tops. 

I suggest changing it to about 300kills or something so we can finally get high killgames again. cause i really miss those. you know, the 200+ games from 1,5 years ago.

Reply what you think of it, and if you have a better idea, reply it. Thanks for reading

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5 hours ago, Dennyb said:

The server wouldn't run so well if the limit was 300 would probs crash too mugh before anyone gets that far

We had unlimited scores on 1.5 I believe, or atleast something like 40000 score limit. It never crashed, it just crashes cause y'all buy those wunderwaffes and m&s' and stuff cause of all the particles it creates

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I suggest putting the score limit up to 15000, it can make the game more enjoyable when it's a full server, but it also wouldn't hurt if people might have to wait an extra 3 minutes if there is only 10 people on. But as Indy said, 10000 doesn't get reached unless insanely good knifed or people are camping.

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