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As an MVP Player, you have access to the "Change Weapon Loadout" Menu.

Just an hour ago, I was playing the mod and I experienced what I would call a little bug.

In the Change Weapon Loadout Menu, when I click "[Random SMG], M40a3, and M40a3 Acog," it removes my current SMG and M40a3, and it doesn't replace it with another Random SMG or M40a3/M40a3 Acog. But when I click "Desert Eagle and Python" it removes my current pistol and it does in fact replace the pistol to either a Desert Eagle or a Python. Once I click "[Go Back - DONE]" all I'm given is a Desert Eagle or a Python, a B23R, and a Kar98k as my loadout.

I'm not sure if I'm the only person who is having this problem. I didn't ask anyone else to test this little bug out for me before I shared it with y'all.


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