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My vacation....


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SO first of all, unlike all of u noobs , I have month of vaca left. so me and my family went to place called Pakistan (most of u wont know it). so let me tell u the benefits of this place... Over this month they have been more then 1.5k kidnapping, and if ur wondering what the !@#$ they do is that they use ur eyeballs, kidneys, heart etc. to sell on the black market. Call me shit-talker, but its impossible to go at night alone or at anywhere else.... and this is a place  were electricity goes out every hour.. basiccaly every house has genarators . so when power goes out u have AC. the weather is death. and  families drive on 1 bike.

indian-family-on-bike-funny-600x330.jpg this shit.........

oh yeah and if ur wondering how they kidnap u is that they have small syringes that inject poison that clearly knocks the fuck out of you. And people who cant afford vehicles buy donkeys or horses >:O.                         So yeah.... 15 upvotes and ill get kidnapped <3................................                                                                                                   #. pray for me bitches



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