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UU-K application


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What is your name?: Haroon

What is your In-Game name?: Nekro

Where are you from?: America

Your Steam profile link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045798860/edit

What is your full DoB (Date of Birth), and age?: may 21, 2001 age is 15 and half.

Please explain in at least 50 words why you want to join UU-K: I want to join to prove myself of becoming a member of the clan and to participate in events and stuff. I also want to join so I can make new friends and further improve my knifing skillz so I can be the best. or almost as good as the best...

Do you expect to receive anything for being a member?: I expect nothing but to be a member.

Please explain in at least 50 words how you would contribute to our community: as some people know I'm very active on zam . I can help more new people out if I became uuk member. and I'm always active on zam web page and zam servers.so becoming a zam uuk member i would contribute to the clan as much as I can and help in every  way possible.

Were you referred from anyone?: nope.

Have you read and understood our rules?: yes.

What is your estimated knifing skill? (1-10): I would say 7-8.


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