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The rebirth of Undead Uprising


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This is an official message from the Leaders of Undead Uprising and ZAM!

I do not like where Undead Uprising is going, there's a lot of things wrong with our community and staff members, the line between being a UU member and a ZAM Staff member is way to thin, so after a talk between the leaders of Undead Uprising and ZAM we have all agreed on a change, this change will impact everyone in Undead Uprising and hopefully we're doing whats best for the UU community and ZAM.

I mentioned earlier that the line between UU and ZAM staff is to thin, by this I mean that basically all our staff members are also UU members and this is something I do not like. The change to come will make it so Undead Uprising will only be personal, and by that I mean only people that we have fun playing with will be able to join UU, whether they play ZAM or not.

And now for the ZAM Staff Team, this will only be professional, as long as you administrate the server correctly you can count on being a ZAM Admin and having it easier to be promoted, but of course if it's easier to be promoted we also have to make it easier to be demoted as well. We will improve the system for this as well so we know who to promote and demote.

All current Admins of ZAM and members of Undead Uprising will be kicked until further notice.

a fresh start

Remember, this community is based on the people who play ZAM and use this website, so it's up to us all to make it a good place.

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