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Hey guys i do this topic for say to i will do a little break with the website be less and less on active on  the website , and idk if i will play again on zam... is not only to i don'tu want but with the school is really difficult.

I hope improvise my english during this break, I'miss going to show to those who does not believe in me , to i can. @aShamed 

I have promised to a friend to one day i will be member or more, and I can make that happen.

Good continuation , don't forget to i don't leave you , i just need sometimes for Reflect...When you know that hall to the comunity and more don't like you..You are seriously asking your for Know why you're still in this comunity, bit i'll tell you to i can't be separate to this comunity all my life.

I hope to see you on better relation.


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Hello, and welcome to the Undead Uprising forums, happy to see that you made an introduction! as viirus said, dont take that 2 srsly xd


Well, good luck with everything and I hope we will see you in the future.

But btw, school or 1 job isn't an excuse to not play ZAM or go on the website. I doubt go to school from like 06:00 - 20:00 but if you do that or have a job after school I understand. you probably wake up at maybe 6,7 and then go to school and you're home ~16.00 maybe, and if you think ZAM is fun, then you'll play ZAM xd but I also understand you don't want to play ZAM or go on the website =)

I wake up at 6:00 and get home at 16:46 and if I wanted to I could play ZAM for a few hours every single day, but I don't want to =)

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