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Update 15.2 / DLC4 Salvation - Patch Notes


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Update 15.2 and DLC4 Salvation are now live!

Update 15.2 includes bug fixes and a security update. The following are some of the changes:
  • Adds mod name to the server description section of the server browser
  • Zombies solo games no longer display in the server browser
  • Zombies games no longer appear in the Multiplayer tab of the server browser
  • Servers with Party Privacy set to closed will no longer display in the server browser
  • Custom game mode names now display in the server browser
  • Added better error messaging for trying to run a map that has not been linked
  • Fixed issue where occasionally a server running the default usermaps mod could not be joined
  • Servers running the default usermaps mod will now display in the server browser, all you need to do is load a custom map and it will automatically load the usermaps mod and display the server
  • Upgraded the auto subscribe process when joining a server running an unsubscribed map or mod
  • Fixed issue where user joined a game from the server browser and would display a "Cannot join a Zombies lobby until Zombies is downloaded and installed" error when the mode is installed

DLC4 includes four new Multiplayer maps and the thrilling climax to Zombies Origins! For more information head over to CallofDuty.com.

Have fun and play clean!

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