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Update 18 - Patch Notes


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Update 18 is now live! Unranked Dedicated Servers are now available in your Tools Library as well as the Black Ops III Remote Console Tool. You will also see a lot of new assets in the Mod Tools Additional Assets from the Campaign, Free Run and Zombies. Update 18 also includes bug fixes and a security update.

  • Unranked Dedicated Servers and Remote Console tool for running your own dedicated servers with your favorite custom maps and mods
  • Tons of new assets to use in your custom maps from Campaign, Zombies, Free Run and Dead Ops Arcade, including new lighting assets, VFX, audio examples, and more
  • Fixed issue where Zombies specials weapons had no audio in custom maps
  • Fixed ambient occlusion issue with custom maps

  • Unobtained Black Market weapons can now be previewed in Gunsmith and Create-a-Class
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a number of User Interface issues that occurred within the media manager.

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an exploit during the Totem Ritual part of the main EE in Shadows of Evil
  • Fixed a potential exploit with the Fan and Plane traps in Zetsubou no Shima
  • Revelations
    • Fixed an issue with Apothicon Mask that occurred at high rounds.
    • Summoning Key will no longer disappear after teleporting out of the Arena.
    • Added an animation to alert the player when a Mech Z spawns.
    • Addressed a fatal error that occurred when using the Apothicon Servant at high rounds.
    • Players are no longer able to use the Anywhere But Here GobbleGum during the Dark Arena Challenge, as it was causing issues.
    • Fixed a progression break that sometimes occurred when players picked up the Summoning Key.
    • Fixed high round exploits

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