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Creating a manual for the skills ?


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Hi I'm new here but have been playing for a while on this mod. I have MVP but still I don't know how some things work.

Lets say what BLOOD skill does or how the point multiplier works... 

So i suggest someone who does know , should make a manual.


Thank you


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Cold-blooded is good for only two things - random knife and point multiplier. Random knife is self-explanatory, and point multiplier stacks (the more times you buy it, the more points you will get for kills, assists, etcetera).

We discussed making a user manual and player guide ages ago, either 2014 or 2015, but I guess it never went through.

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Cold Blooded is a knife class.

  • Random Knife, gives you a knife from a list on different knives from the mod, obviously.
  • Point Multiplier, multiplies the points you get from knife kills.
  • Blood, creates a forcefield around you which makes all the zombies go down to 300 HP (if they have over 300 HP that will say)
    The reason we have this is because all OP knives give you 100 points per kill, and less OP knives gives you 200 points, like the standard one, it also does 300 damage, so purchasing Blood will make you be able to knife zombies that have 500 HP with the standard knife and still receive 200 points per knife kill. This is useful if you only have enough for Blood, but not a certain knife you want to buy/if you want to buy Random knife a lot of times at once instead of a lot at a long period of time.
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On 1/14/2017 at 11:48 AM, BEAst said:

I have never noticed getting more points than i usually do with out the multiplier.

It actually works. I tried it but you have to use the normal knife only when you spend 1800 points on it ( which is  2x multiplier ) you get 400 points per knife kill ;) 

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