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retard allert


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so there are some retard of clan called Unity...i was part of it(its me unity zerox AKA cookie monster) and i regret i was part of it now i have several computer and i was using 2 in past few days so on 1 i changed my name to cookie monster on secnd i was still unity| zerox  and this thing happened while playing ZAM: Unity pretix and Unity scream started threating me to get banned out of ZAM for idk what the fuck that means  and that they will find my ip address and ddos me which is not your guys problem but still fuck those two faggets and all clan members of unity let them play that gay ass mod ill stick to zam( i was talking diffrent thing 2 months ago ut fuck it i was being retard again) so here is the screenshoot and i wanna know if i can really get banned cuz i used unity when i was not in clan anymore in ZAM and if ZAM staff can ban all the unity gayfucks....it would be nice :D

here is the screenshoot of two retards talking about banning me and me talking to pretix on steam:



thanks for reading :D

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oh and btw i forgot to mention Unity|scream is telling everyone in server to join ZEM  everytiem he joins into server if there isnt any staff online....wasnt paying attention to him so mutch so i didnt care about taking screenshoots....ill do it if i see him do it again...

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Why would UU care about what clan tag you are using? They don't police other clans, and would take no action about someone using a "Unity" tag whether they were in that clan or not.


Also, lol.  (the topic is titled "retard allert", you spelled alert wrong :P )


That is all.

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Scream cant get you banned at all, Just ignore him he can be a fucking idiot sometimes, menononno understand how you are though, you get kicked from Unity for breaking several rules and now you go back to ZAM complaining about us? Your as bad as Ruiz, your maturity is lower than my 10 year old brothers....  a week ago your begging to get another chance and when Pretix says no this is ho you act, Congrats dude you made yourself look like the fucking retard this time.

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