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Lets talk about STG-44


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Hi, I'm Ember. And I want to talk about the STG-44. Recently, I noticed that everyone started using a free class weapons, like STG and MTAR. Everything is fine. But... STG is too powerful. STG has more than 100 damage. If zombies have 500 hp, it is almost impossible to kill a man with STG. 
I think that this needs to be fixed. Dear classixz, please. I think that many players would agree with me. STG must be fixed. Or improve price to 4000....

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4 hours ago, iNSANiTY said:


10 hours ago, BEAst said:

I think the damage should be 110

I wouldnt want it to be nerfed too much because if you think about it, its the only good class for the Free users thats good while all the Paid classes are OP to the free members


Well it is just 10 less than you said

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