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Update 19 - Patch Notes


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  • Unranked Dedicated Servers
    • Enabled “+set g_log 1” to be used to generate log files for unranked dedis. File would be generated in identities/dedicatedpc/main folder.
    • Enabled +lobbyTimerStatusStartInterval to create a game countdown timer in the lobby if the dvar is placed in the Launch Server bat file.
      • Time is based off milliseconds. Setting the timer to 30,000 will create a 30 second countdown
    • Medals appear in unranked dedicated server.
    Mod Tools
    • Enable mod launcher to launch in split screen.
      • +set splitscreen 1 +set splitscreen_playerCount 2
    • Fixed an issue with ambient occlusion artifact when looking at geometry in maps.
  • General
    • Added new CWL logo for 2017.
    • Updated security.
  • Revelations
    • Fixed an issue where the DG-4 would not function properly after using a portal.
    Shadows of Evil
    • Fixed an issue that occurred if a player used the Anywhere But Here BGB while on the train.

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