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Zombies need some more power surely....


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Just wanted to put out an idea out there, so that zombies can actually match the humans, because at this point camping is way to easy, and definitely the reason why everyone leaves all the time.

I thought of something like:

When a zombie lets say has an excess of points, and doesn't need it for anything aside from limbs, why cant there be a macro, or just an option within the shop menu to regenerate health? e.g. a zombie is trying to destroy cades, he has 500hp; he gets shot from the humans, so now he might be about 200hp; he has 150 points, cant use it for anything else, so he decides to spam the regenerate health option (lets say it regenerates 50 health) and it costs 50 points. He can do that until he runs out of points obviously.

To me this is kind of a good concept as zombies would save up like 500 points then rush attack. Kind of like waves, but then every now and then much more powerful waves.

dunno if this is possible, but would certainly make life for zombies a lot easier, and also maybe keep more people on the server meanwhile

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maybe make the camping spots harder? like no more flying spots and for every camp spot it would need atleast 2 players to camp? so like if you are alone you cant camp so you jsut have to run? and remove that spot on nuked in the green garden please...everytime they are just camping in there and just spamming rayguns or m&s

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