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ZAM Suggestion (cade price)


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I don't play the mod really much at all now, but i played it recently and I've since wanted to try and get back into it, but there is a single problem, the cade price. In a perfect world i would be able to have 30 ping like some of you European players, but it isn't a perfect world and since it started I've had 280 to now being 340 ping. trying to get enough cades down when they were double the price and hit points of what they used to be was hard enough because of the ping, but now it is impossible, That hectic situation that doesn't really happen very often anymore is something i cannot do, and which isn't because of the skill level but is because of how the game is. I do strongly urge you to take the barricade price and hit box a bit higher but if you don't ye i understand not many people have it like me and if most people prefer small price and smaller hit box then i'm outvoted. Thanks anyways


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