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Hello , My name is TeckNickz.

Ive played zam alot like one year ago , I was like a pretty common member .

Then when I kinda knew everyone around and played zam for some years.

I made a staff apply / moderator apply , Ive made some remakes and finnaly got accepted .

Then I needed to do a interview with stlmokevin .

But that never happend ive asked alot when I would get the interview but it never happend.

Then I stopped playing zam , Ive got no Idea why probably cus Bo3 .

Now i'm back at it again tho.

But yeah , does that 'Apply that got accepted' still count? And can I still get the interview or do I need to make another apply?

Because I'm going to be honest ive got no proof because the apply list got wiped I think. :/ 

There's still a application when u go to my profile but I don't know if thats it because I can't open it (I'm not allowed to open it).

And ive got no Idea if anybody remembers it .

But if I need to remake one our something else I totally understand.

Thanks for reading this.

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So far I remembered , I asked u for the interview then u said I needed to be in the interview section in teamspeak , so ive been there for like a couple days but didn't get anyone

So it could be my fault yeah , but I was there lurking in the interview section and nobody joined. 

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You're talking about something that happened almost a year ago like it was just yesterday. If you are "lurking" in a channel when i'm not online, there isn't much I can do. If that happened months ago and you waited till just now to bring it up I have to question your desire to be staff at all.

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Yeah , I don't know what happend like I know I did alot for the apply and to help zam.

Ive got no idea why I suddenly stopped playing zam.

And I did bring it up at the moment but like everyone said wait in the 'interview room' so I did that , sometimes for a whole day but hadn't any luck that someone would join.


But like to get to the point (no offence), Does this old one still count our should I make a new apply to freshen things up.

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