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@stlmokevin so he can provide the bug proof/bug happening in action. @Classixz, I know you're aware of these bugs, but I'm tagging you here anyway.

A few minutes ago (while making this post), two bugs had occurred on the server, one of which was my fault, and the other was purely just bad timing.

First bug: This pertains to the Nova Gas. You thought it was OP, but its a lot more OP than you think (or at least until Classixz fixes it, lets hope soon). If chosen as a Alpha Zombie, and lets say you were cooking a Nova Gas grenade before being picked, it will go off, killing off every hunter around your death location. Now, I know it was my fault, but it was by accident. I explained it to Kevin and he understands. I take the blame for forgetting this actually existed, mindlessly attempting to toss a nade into the Zombie's spawn. I'll be a lot more careful next time.

Second bug: This pertains to one of the Raven's abilities, Adapt. What Adapt does is, it makes a Hunter invisible for 20 seconds. If killed right after or while using Adapt, your playermodel will still be invisible, and no Hunter can see you. I'm not sure if it even turns you back into a visible state eventually.


Kevin will provide the demos needed so that new players or players that are unaware of these bugs will be able to see them in action,, and hopefully will be more careful, should anything like this actually happen in-game. Do NOT abuse these bugs because it can turn into a ban for you. 

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