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Camp time limit :o

Crouch Dragon

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Ok so I mentioned to classixz the idea of adding to the mod a time limit on camping!  

Basically how it works is you can camp for so many minutes, then you have 40 seconds to leave the area just far enough from your camp area, then you can come back to it. 

I played this type of setting on another modded server and immediately I thought, wow.... this is what all those whiners need who complain about noobs like me camping all the time ;) 

But joking aside, for real, I think it could be cool idea.

Thoughts from you guys?

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Complete bullshit this mod is made for camping 

Iam not a fan of camping either but that would be complete bullshit imagine there are 10 zombies and u are alone or with another human Of course u could run but camping is in situations like that fun too if that ever gets implemented idk.

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