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Some incorrectly written stuff and some ideas


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1. Forcefield - if it's gonna stay the way it is - needs some sort of anti-camp to it. A penalty for not moving won't be enough because then the human could just run in circles wherever he's camping, and I don't know how a "killzone circle" (think of PUBG's circle system) would work on BO1 or smaller maps, primarily Nuketown. Either add a punishing anti-camp system or prevent further cading from that point on (after buying Forcefield, until the end of the game). *cough*AppleJack*cough*

2. Adapt - same as above, but directly related to camping and cading. You should be allowed to hide somewhere using Adapt, just not wherever it is you're camping. *cough*AppleJack*cough*

3. Each map should be restartable only once, Nuketown twice or thrice max. Players having the option to vote restart a map too many times is unbalanced.

4. Add a thing on the website where users can submit weapon camos to be put into ZAM. Not something so basic where you'd literally put a .png you like up and just wait for it to be accepted, but a sophisticated system that teaches users how to apply a texture (simply put - image) on a part of a weapon, so that they could make some really cool stuff. If anything, do this for custom weapons like the M40A3, R700, Intervention, Deagles and so on and rotate through weapon camos for BO1 weapons (store weapons) on a biweekly basis or something, using HD images (contradicting to what I said in the second sentence, I know).

5. Consider upping the playercap to 24 if the playercount does good throughout the rest of the month.

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