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Backgrounds for UU-undead uprising (official)


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Hi guys and admin of this website is UU-undead Uprsing and ZAM-Zombie Mod Annihilation

I did this idea and it is very like even the Creator of this site UU-Undead Uprising and ZAM-Zam Annihilation Mod (or rather the creators of these companies Classixz and Griggzor)

And it would please you! (or rather all)

This idea did more than 20 hours (no joke) I think how to make it more colorful and tasteful

Why this idea had a very long, 8 hours?

*I had to get a closer look website all idea how to avoid plagiarism (view all idea it took 1.9 hours to 1 hours 9 minutes)

*I had to consider the company site UU-Undead Uprising as you know (or rather inquisitive gamers and ordinary players) know the logo UU-Undead Uprising I had to make a photoshop using paint.net (no, you don't think it's original paint there is a different and very advanced link in the description)make a sawed-off in the form of rectangles and lines and I did create the logo UU-Undead Uprising (not official)(photoshop took more than 5.1 hours-5 hours 10 minutes.)

*Most importantly, I chose the most important tastes to players that they would have liked and not only well, even the Creator, ZAM Member, Moderators and Admin, I made the background in the form of a very beautiful main background and very beautiful logo UU-Undead Uprising - that it was in the center (as in the previous backgrounds when there was a global update for the site UU-Undead Uprising are all there really changed you can see it for yourself and feel)(It took a time change of more than 1.0 hours-1 hours 14 minutes)

-.-.-.-.-Description as I promised-.-.-.-.-

paint.net search-https://yandex.ru/search/?text=paint.net&clid=1955453&banerid=0500000134%3A5963a840fe8c5f001d7c78ea&win=289&lr=39

paint.net official website-http://paintnet.ru/

-.-.-.-.-Photo for proof-.-.-.-.-



Gif photo-https://gyazo.com/c107c70fd057ddacbd5a2b26b25619fc

I'm sorry that you see on 45% of Russian letters I'm just Russian man (in Russian Federation)

Here is he official background UU (but made one myself)


How it will look on this kosmicheskom UU background?



Hope you liked it and I'm waiting for comments from the creators of the site UU-Undead Uprising and servers ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod it myself Classixz and Griggzor I really tried I hope it is added what do you think guys?

This is not all soon to be something new

Good luck!

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