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Few suggestions/improvements


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Hi there, got few suggestions for Zam mod, well actually probably better to say small improvements. I played some normal BO1 zombies and noticed that the bowie knife actually makes an sound when you knife with it. So if possible would be cool to have the same sound for bowie knife in the mod as in normal zombies, because currently it makes no sound when you knife. Same thing with sickle knife and galvas.  Also the "camo" or color pattern, whatever you wanna call it, that is there in normal zombies for Mustang and Sallies. Would be cool to have it in the mod aswell because currently the Mustang and Sallies look like dual wield M1911's in the mod. Lastly a bigger idea, maybe add more weapons from the normal zombies to the mod? I'm talking about upgraded weapons. Like the skullcrusher when you upgrade the M16 in normal zombies, it get's grenade launcher and becomes full auto. Maybe make an class with more expensive "random weapon" like in cow class, but the weapons would be random weapons from the normal zombies. How sick it would be to get the upgraded ray gun and kill 500 hp zombies in 1 hit with? ;)  Mostly upgraded weapons. Anyways thanks for reading this idea and let me know what you guys think. :) 

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