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The bug called <<Injustice>>


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Hello guys it"s me Flame Souls 

Want to tell a small bug called <<Injustice>>

You're like a surprise under that name <<Injustice>> go ahead.

This bug I saw yesterday 9.09.2017, time unknown.

Description of the bug called <<Injustice>>:People are prepared when the zombie Apocalypse after the time of meat(zombie Apocalypse) then random people became a zombie 2x times and not the second from other people

A victim of this bug was the player(like the player with the privilege of MVP) under the name Wolf


He was surprised despite the fact that he became a zombie, with 8 people(man and survivor)

More proof here is my screenshot taken in-game Call Of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer from the program of social networks Steam-36F27A1FF637A615F232B2A026631E4A8CC1576A

Hopefully that will fix this random bug

New ideas, new bugs, etc will arrive soon!

Good Luck guys!  :)


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3 hours ago, ░MyXa░ said:

Ye i seen this happen, people sometimes get picked twice, i thought griggz knew about it, so i didnt say much

Yes I do in fact already know about this bug which was added after the forced zombie update, and I've also notified Classixz about this bug when I first encountered it and when MyXa or whoever it was, were picked twice ~2 weeks ago. 

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