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80%ADMIN App (Re-written)


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In-Game Name:

Steam MyXa, XUID:110000106569471

I want to become 80% because, I made a lot of progess with 60 and protected the server well.

I do have experience.

I do have a mic

I'm 14.

I want to be one on EU.

I'll be more helpfull, and give support to other people.

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I think it means no. 80% admin positions need matured ppl to carry on responsibilty and ppl that can defend their thesis properly and ppl which can provide respect to whole admin team. And if u've issues with just writing it ;)... think about it. And think if 60% admin is not enough for you. It's still powerfull position. But it's not my decision nad still i wish you good luck cus u're nice guy.

//EDIT: And remember your behaviour on ZEM

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