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New Lauch Mapssss

AIR I Echo

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I just made only one spot for Launch.

Its a "Drop" entrence. it has 1 prone entrence and 1 crouch entrence

plus it also has "Anti Camp", how so you wonder? well the rocket launches at random times, so if the survivor doesn't GTFO of there, then the rocket will Kill the survivor by being burnt to death.

Now heres The screenshots :D

Drop starting entrence:


Inside Look of Drop starting entrence:


Drop end: (with supporting wall)


1st person view:



Most OP weapon in Black ops History!:


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Bitch please. M40A3 with Dual Mags, Grip, Variable Zoom, Big Ammo, Silencer, RDS and a Tomahawk attached to it's back to make it even more badass. Beat that!

I only feel bad about not taking screenshots of it. :(

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