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Double starting loadout


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Step 1 : 

spawn with no gun at start (bug ?)

step 2 : 

take master hunter class 

step 3 :

You have no gun but you can still hold the killstreak remote thingy (counter spy UAV)

step 4 : 

wait till the countdown is over while holding the remote counter uav and you get a free mpl + a side gun + your own loadout

total of 4 guns and 2 grenades



tested 2 times on a regular player acc (no vip)

need video ?

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  • Founder

I've added some extra checks to prevent this, also added some extra logging to the server to identify what is going on with the no loadout bug. The past 3 hours since I started the logging it seems like it have not happened on the server, due to it being so unpredictable I hope it should have been sorted out, only time will tell

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