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  1. Normal class???

    Basic loadout?
  2. Let's start a new argument

    Thank you:)
  3. FIrst of all, hello guys, I'm Zed and I haven't psoted any topics for a long time. I want to start with some ideas, to start a discussion, I think, it will concentrate on the new buyable things. Custom classes(Premium/Platinum) I'm sure, it helps to pay the server and other important things, but in my opinion these two class make the game monoton and a bit unfair to others. The other thing I want to mention, it makes the UU-S loadout nonsense. They get intervention and remington if they want and it is very unfair. I remember it was mentioned in a topic that Only UU-S members will be able to use it. I think this problem can be solved, if we get more DMG. Skins We have got 3 buyable skins, and they are really good! BUT, some people are using it in a bad way. Why? They are camping with runner class and they camping on unreachable spots. Yes, the second one is the arlington. This is the most overused class in the game, but it's okay. There is one thing what is not okay. They are camping on spots which can only reached by limbs/cadelimbs. It is not glitch because we can reach them anyway, but it's very unfair. This class should be changed somehow, or these spots should be blocked. Thanks, Zedricht
  4. Finally, my goodbye?

  5. Finally, my goodbye?

    Thanks for the wishes!
  6. Finally, my goodbye?

    This is a milestone, I think..As you all know I was very active player..My first join was about 1,5 years ago..And I joined to the website on 2014. April 22.. I taught I will be just a normal player. Then I started posting, help on others, and make friends..After a long time, I found the UU-K server. When I saw this I didn't really know what the K mean int the UU-K.I asked some people, they said this is the knifer part of the UU. I was so excited about it. I trained a lot, then joined. I get a lot of supports about it. MyXa gave me a chanche. I was so happy, but when the knife server has down, I lost my skill. I spammed a lot about the loadout too. I'm so sorry for this! After this I get a message from Ramsy about UU-K. I was very said, cause I get kicked. Then I saw there is a way to be a member of this community. When I joined first, I get rejected. I didn't really know what a member have to do. After these I started sniping. I trained a lot on ffa servers to be fast, then on S&D servers to improve my aim. I felt good. I joined to UU-S. Destroyer rejected me so fast. I didn't know why, without tryout. It was't disturbed me. After some months I sent a message to Classixz about my member applications. I wanted a new chane..He gave it! :)..I played a lot and helped on new people, reported rulebreakers. Then I saw some member leave the UU..When I saw this I know this community doesn't need new members, there will be some change, but nothing will be like the long time ago.. Finally..This is my story.. And this topic is about my goodbye. I loved ZaM..But, I fell like I'm not as important as I wanted be.. I don't want to play nowadays on the server..It isn't fun for me. I'm very inactive on the sever and on the site nowadays too. I just wanted you guys to know, what I fell, what I think. I'll be on the website, but I wont be so active. Bye guys. We will meet sometimes:) Yes my English is not the best.
  7. when start zam 1.8?

    Enjoy 1.7? 1.6 still the best one..
  8. GFX Area

    Oh ma gawd, pls no. I'll give u some cookies :griggo:
  9. GFX Area

  10. when start zam 1.8?

    r3kt. No hate pls ;_;
  11. P90 for starting weapon c:

    The mod can't handle more guns. ~Indy
  12. when start zam 1.8?

    When 1.7 end. http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/kaeotix15/happyis8.gif
  13. Jgens Birthday! woot.

    Who the fack r u? Edit: Oh I know.
  14. not sure what this is, with Bluebird

    About this police thing..In Hungary, we have two types of pollice officers..the clever one, and the sillyest bastards in the primary and the secondary school. Most of them is the second one.