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New Nuketown Bunker

Zr i Ruz21o

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These are all the spots that I made on Nuketown. I hope you enjoy! The links can be found below.


This Spot is so the zombies can't go up the green house ladder.


This spot is to double stack. Like, you have to Double stack in that white spot that you see.


This Spot is so the Zombies have to crouch under the Yellow house garage cades. Also the survivors can put a laying down cade.


This spot is a spot in the yellow garage where there is a 3 stack blocking the zombies from coming in.


This Spot is a Beginner spot. It is located in the Yellow house Backyard.


This Spot is so the zombies can't go up the yellow house ladder.


This Spot is located in the green house garage. Zombies have to crouch to get inside of the garage.


This spot is on the Sign. That is so the zombies cannot get onto the Green house and hop inside in the house.










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