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Hp Time System


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As we all know when u are the first zombie all u thinking bout is i need that hp to knife the knifers. But i have an idea for it.

I think there should be a time limit for buying hp for example if the game is like 3 mins in u should be only able to buy 300hp and when there is last man 350 hp or 500hp

then 5mins in to the game 500hp aswell or when ppl camping on the start then maybe 350hp or 400hp depends on the size of the game. And maybe knifers when they get like 3-5 knife kills they get an 400-500hp knife

and then last survivors get a 500hp knife for running.


One Does Not Simply Meme | WHEN U GO ON ZAM AND U DIE RLY BUT I KNIFED HIM | image tagged in memes,one does not simply | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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10 minutes ago, xStoner420x said:

The way I see it, you acquired that money from your own death. You should use it any way you see fit. This coming from someone who rarely purchases HP.

I agree. I personally only purchase HP when I'm getting hard-camped, but I always feel that if you think you need HP then you should purchase HP. It's part of the MOD after-all.

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1 hour ago, doniu20042 said:

No i mean when hunters get knifed by players with hp cuz it is annoying even if they knifed them and thx for the feedback.

if they (the zombies) get HP, then you should purchase a better knife/use the misty skin/shoot them. There are always options.

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Well it can be frustrating but we all have to deal with it, as kevin said its part of the mod. HP should always be there for when people need it, how would you feel if 1 minute into game everyones camping, eg a full server and alot have died, but you cant buy hp with all your points so you arent able to finish that great game? anyway hat was besides the point, new players need it, some players need it, and the fact is if hp is the reason that your dead, say to yourself dam im good because he wasnt able to kill me without having to get a powerup.


Anyways i think it was cool to be creative and keep sharing your ideas, really appreciate them coming in :)

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HP is part of the game, and you are gonna have to deal with it, you can see when a zombie has more than 300 hp if you look at the kill feed, so if I were you, I would race the other survivurs for points before the zombies get hp, or you can just Bowie knife, or just use Misty like I do.

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